Kurage Crisis


Extraction. - End -

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Combined Army
VS Yu Jing

Looting the Aplekton.

A few hours after the succes assault strike on Zhan Huo, the second armored brigade of the Section 23, attached for securing the last looting mission before to get out on the presence in the ground forces. The assault team from Imperial Service, sended to try figth on Aplekton, founds the location of the armored regiment, and starts to catch them on their mission to stop the EI on the last days at the end of the general operations con Novy Cymmeria. But, again, the double agent infiltrated called Nexus23, notice the movement of this squad to her new allies from the CA armies and members of her section operations, The team for extraction are landed on the back of the vanguard regiment, and waiting to loading the last resources looted on the last nigth of the final assaults of the MAF section23 in Aplekton.


-Quick Resume Game-

YJ Forces: --->>> YUANDUN LIST B<<<----- . Deploy side.
MAF: Wins the iniciative.

- Turn 1 MAF -

Raicho moves directly to hunt, behind cover the ML Zhanying, fail attemps to win the f2f rolls and ends with 2 wounds. Rodok team activates and try to do the best f2f rolls againts the Zhanying, but the HMG lose the rolls and dies againts the Zhanying. After to see how i can do my next steps... i see was how a stupid to ignore on rewiev the line of vision of the Zhanying and the Dakini, and ill do a several fault starting with the Raicho and losing bad my Rodok HMG, twoo powerfull active pieces of my list... the Dakini and the Zhanying can't have line of vision on the streets agains't: dr.worm, Bit and one of the Zerat, about this misstake, ill spend all orders to recover 2/3 supply boxes on coordinated runs with 1/2 Zerat FO and dr.worm, and try my attemp to do my clasified "HVT designation" but i fail the dice roll. I end the turn with 2/3 supply boxes on my deploy side and covered by the the Rodoks reformed team.

- Turn 1 ISS (Yuandun) -

Runs with the Guija and ends with 1 wound by 1 Rodok on the first shoot and clearing the Bit's deployable repeater, and Bit uses Expel on the 1st ARO but Guija saves the BTS roll. One of the kanren kill Bit, turn ends with the Guija in the ISS deploy side and killing finally the wounded Raicho.

- Turn 2 MAF -

Starting with 1/2 Rodok paramedic and kill the menace of the Kanren ahead, for get free the chain colt attemp over the box carriers. Some movement to secure my deploy zone spending 1 mine on the back of the Rodok team.

- Turn 2 ISS (Yuandun) -

Runs with the Guija, and killed by the Rodok paramedic on the next action phases on the orders in a closed ranges, using the burst and AP modes on the 3 orders using on the Guija. Last orders are from moving the duo team + fireteam core to get better position over my Rodoks team. Their last order to try to kill the Zerat FO and dr-worm, carriers of the supply boxes, Borlois spend his two last orders on the Guija Pilot, and runs to shoot the flametrower, but Zerat and worm, dodges succesfuly the attack.

- Last turn MAF -

Low of orders, dr.worm moves quickly and out of Aoe splash on the flamethrower of the Guija Pilot, she uses her pistol against dr.worm combi attack and kill the pilot. Then, ill moving the rest of the rodok team leaving for free the LT and 1/2 paramedic to drop a mine near the last Coffin on the last order and get free the dakini's ARO, and surviving the attack, and speard the hacker and the last paramedic Rodoks team to cover all corners.

- Last turn ISS (Yuandun) -

Trying to catch't all, sends all coordinated tokens to moving a lot of pieces, securing the last Coffin destroying the Rodok paramedic and the mine with the succes shoot form the ML Zhanying in a single order and slapsh damage. Picks up the last suplu box with the FO Kanren. Last single orders are from Pheasant agent to kill the last Zerat and get the draw game, on this process, the Rodok hacker dies against the f2f rolls and the paramedic dosen't do damage armor roll for the free shoot on the Pheasant, Zerat not wins the f2f dice roll on her shoot aro on CC order from the Pheasant. And forcing the official draw.

Turn Phases: 1-2-3

Te efforts of the Yuandun squad, ends on the edge of the secure field of the small advanced fort captured of the Section23, the ill-raho2 skyguards, finish the job to blast over the skies to the ground forces and cover the extraction. A few minuts before the extraction ship departured again to the Tyrevnna vessel, on the orbital space of Dawn, and recover all companies of the Section23 of MAF groups on the last 10 hours of their general operations. The lastest most important boxes have been recovered by a drone servant an secured finally the complete looting botty over Aplekton by the Section23, and get some information for the EI on the new units of the AI and wrokshops. At the end of the day, the victory of the last report from the 3rd brigade in the Zhan Huo bunker, causing a several defeat on the back of the YJ scouts on their home, the Yuandun survivers are completly isolated on the Aplekton and this job to distract them, when all the presence of the Section23 has been jump into skies as an undefined strike back, the Yuandun group don't have any chances to pursuit the escape of the ships and the ground units under the operations.

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