Kurage Crisis


Striking the bunker.

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VS Yu Jing

Suprise from the forest.

(Recicled picture). - A few days a go, on the first contact over Aplekton, the 3rd armored brigade has been spread on all fronts as possible on Novy Cimmeria to do some skirmishes on the supplies roads and ways on the ground, but the unit Nexus23 from the HQ intelligence operators infilitrateds on the human armies, she points the fragile situation on the back in the YJ bunker, after the siege operations on this theatre. A great oportunity to deal some damage and chaos on the situation, causing a several issues on the infrastucture and replacement troops for YJ forces. Wating them, near the coldest and darknests forest of the island surrounds the Zhan Huo bunker, a great position and value information added thanks to the Nexus23 infiltrated on her actual mission assignation, on YJ forces.

-Quick Resume Game-

- ISS: Wins the iniciative roll but choosing the side deploy. Crane datatracker.
- MAF: Choosing the iniciative turn. Oznat datatracker.

- Turn 1 MAF:

Lone Preta runs and keep staying save for a while in fornt of the Raicho. Raicho starts to moving fast, to destroy anything on the way, stomping the Major Lunah reveals to ARO the Raicho then on the Kanren hidden on the top of the first house, then the 1/2 Rui Shi and the clestial guard smoke launcher, and clearing the 2 firsts Mad Traps activated by the Kanren's ARO. Zerats duo keep moving and deploying some mines and holding the sides with the mines. Raicho goes back on coordinated moves with Zerats and a single ikadron to hold the corner to overwatch the MAF PAC, and a single last order to Raicho get on Supression Fire.
For the second group, Rasyat lands for free near the ISS PAC, onyl the celestial guard react to do aerial hacking against the PHYS of the Rasyat. 2 orders for the Rasyat to destroy the PAC using 2/3 D-charges, finally, last orders to go to kill the last Rui Shi with shootgun range, and advance near the celestial guard core, drops an eclipse grenade and using the pret'as irregular order converted by token on a last and single regular order for the Rasyat, waiting in the middle of the smoke, first move to engange the Crane on CC and get all the ARO from the madtraps and all shoots from the celestial guards. Crane destroys the Rasyat, but suffers 1 wound and saving with a lot of luck the natural born warrior rule and the free damage of the 2/3 last D-charges using on CC from the Rasyat.

- Turn 1 ISS -

Runs with the core, to aproaching near the Zerat on the corner, ninja appears near the Zerat but the mine activates and nulling her TO marker to dodge the mine, the second Zerat until delaying the ARO uses a flash pulse and hits the ninja, but again, saves the BTS and her life. Then, Crane train moves and hunts the lone Zerat and killing her. The last orders are from Crane core, using Sensor skill to discover the 2 camo markers as a mines and go to engage the Raicho on the twoo last orders, causes 1 wound on Raicho and the last attemp, Raicho kills the Crane.

After the ISS first turn, he declares Total Victory to MAF favour. Without active pieces to engange the PAC.

Picture gallery of unique turn.

Again, the quick and deep strike of the 3rd recon brigade, causes a several unbalanced power at the favour for the Section23 against their objective enemies, this distraction force, ends their job acomplished to terminate the comanders and operational officers for the reinforcement turns in to the heavy units of the YJ forces on the Zhan Huo, sended to the Yuandun divisions as the powerfull strike force, designated as the primary forces of aggression combat. By the way, the report from the Hamak Gar'Zo, secures to the Tyrevnna command and the Hosuk of the Section23, the free way to the extraction operations at the end of the hours in the general operations of destruction in their Sotarak on Dawn.
The most accured information of the unit Nexus23, reveals the show of force of the YJ on this theatre, isn't a joke and they are extremly prepared to do a heavy and sustained huge war, but not on skirmish, also, the Tyrevnna have a lot of manpower by the MAF Section23, but their plans and objectives have ended on this Sotarak, their job are finish on Aplekton, isn't a new news to strike if they can over another human faction, they only accomplish for himself into the succes of the tactical comand of the Tyrevnna HQ and the orders of the EI. The infiltrated human Nexus23, have been recovered finally and save to go back in to the stars with her new and true united society, for the part of her pact and colaboration with the EI, to show the true reallity without lies of all things and the universe secrets.

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