Kurage Crisis


Marut's End

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VS Yu Jing

With the success repelling the JSA attempts to expand their claim on Yu-Jing territory to cover more Tesium rich areas and justified incursion to occupy the sensoring section of Kurage station the Zhan Huo base was in fall movement. Most units were now deployed around the island protecting territory and insuring the NA2 forces would not be able to be resupplied.

By the time the Pan’O made their public ‘White Rose’ announcement of condemnation, them and their and there allies assault on the Zhan Huo bunker already been raging for half a day.

Once the front lines were established the Pan’O forces started to set up Jammers that would knock out the Firebases communication and more crucially the air defence targeting systems.

If they went down Pan’O could put a stop to this conflict in minutes.

This could not be allowed to happen. The crane in charge of defence ordered teams to prepare strike teams to push out and make sure the equipment was damaged beyond repair and provide a distraction while Yu Jing engineers could install heavy weapons platforms to prevent a second attempt.

The Crane took a deep breath before donning his helmet and walking up to a fireteam of Celestial guard picking one and assigning him command of the the forces in that zone before telling the others to prepare for an assault that might be their last.

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Yu Jing

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