Kurage Crisis


Proxy Purge

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VS Yu Jing

With Crane agents around the besieged bunker prepared to push out and strike the Jammers being set by the White rose alliance some of the forces that had been away were now being directed to strike at the supply lines and support network for the enemy.

The newly recovered Lt Zhou was leading one such team. Having already taken out a Haqqislam hunting party looking for stranded Yu-Jing troops and blowing up a hidden Pan’O ammo dump, his scouting team observed medical supplies being air dropped in and a Aleph team moving in to secure them.

If these supplies could be captured it would mean wounded troops would need to the transported further away to receive treatment, putting strain on the transport and supply network. Also light injuries would not be treated on the field allowing troops to return to active duty in hours not days.

Lt Zhou’s force raced to get into position but the Apleh had a head start.

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Yu Jing