Kurage Crisis


Assault on Zan Huo

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Tariq Abd Al-Nassir
VS Yu Jing

The sun was just setting as the Haqqislamite team approached the Zan Huo Battery.

The haqqislamite commando tried to get the initiative, but was surprised by the Yu Jingese defense. Two Shaolin monks advanced through the middle of the Theatre of Operations, while a Sujiang tried to advance through the left flank. Their engineer tried to activate the first console, but my men wasn´t going to make it easy for them. A couple of missed shots on the Janissaires ended the first Yujingese turn.
The mercenary Yuan Yuan and the Djanbazan sniper, sitting in the right flank, tried to end the Yan Huo´s menace, but the Heavy Weapons Platform lived up to his name and obliterated both soldiers. May Allah hold him in His love. The Azrail in the left flank, on the opposite, took care of the Sujiang, completely destroying him, and the Jannissaire link advanced to get the console and destroyed the engineer. Unfortunately, the Yan Huo was controlling the console, so the link played it safe and didn´t advance. Although the Hafza FO advanced through the middle, he didn´t make it into the quadrant. 2 quadrants to 1, Yu jing took the advantage.
The second turn saw more movement from the Shaolin Monks and the appearance of a Hac Tao TO, who dominated completely our left flank. Although the AzRail and the Jannisaire link tried to mow him down, their shots were not precise enough, and the Hac Tao managed to render two of the four Jannisaires (the HMG and one of the Akbar medics) unconscious. Also, one of the monks, in the left flank, provided support to the Hac Tao.
We Haqqislamites love epic histories, as the second Akbar Medic advanced and completely healed his comrades. Also, the other medic shot the left monk down, leaving the Hac Tao alone. Unfortunately, the crossfire smiled on the Hac Tao, who managed to wound the Az Rail and the HMG Janissaire. In the middle, the FO Hafza managed to advance and claim one of the consoles, giving us some oxygen to breathe. The last Jannisaire, with the link broken, tried to claim the nearest right console, but was torn to pieces by the Yan Huo right before activating it. With 2 quadrants each, and 1 point for everyone, things started to look grim.
The Hac Tao kept dominating the my left flank, claiming the AzRail and denegating my attempts to claim the console. Nonetheless, Yu Jing didn´t advance in the turn, giving us a change to make a comeback.
With no other option, epic needed to be performed. First of all, the Hafza FO tried to advance and claim the far right quadrant, but was torn to pieces by the Yan Huo. With no more options, the Janissaire managed to claim the near left console before being blown away.
In the end, a close 5-4 for Yu Jing, but a victory nonetheless.
Wow. It was a fun battle. Had really tough luck on my first orders, but the Jannisaires held up quite fine. I found some errors in my list, but I think I know how to improve it. Also, I think I played extremely conservative, so that´s something to take into account.

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