Kurage Crisis


Encounter outside the Redoubt

That Thing
VS Tohaa
Robert Shepherd

During normal a perimeter patrol around the Lafayette Redoubt the force encounters an unknown hostile contact, the patrol quick set up into a defensive position.

The Desperado gunned the engine a roared forward an was instance obliterated by a missile launched from atop a shipping crate at the end of the street. It appeared to be a Tohaa force that was looking the gain ground in the area.

The Foxtrots quickly identified two location where they had set up, the first being the missile launcher that had taken out the bike, the second appeared to be a sniper team occupying the roof of a building on other side of the engagement zone. The sniper was tagged with the laser targetter, and the Katyusha rained down missiles to clear the roof of hostiles.

After the Katyusha

The commando with the missiles however was dug in with several overlapping fields of fire, a few shots where dropped onto the position, but without the ability clearly target to position the rockets overshot and landed a good 50 metres beyond where they needed to go.

Two strange beasts charged through smoke and pinned down the blackjack and both the hardcase scouts where engulfed in was seems to be a cloud of some unknown content.

Meanwhile the commando proved impossible to remove, two members of the airborne rangers attempted to remove it as well as one of the foxtrots, their attempts where for naught with one of the damned pets jumping in front of the hail of SMG bullets. Without much other choice the gunt team moved forward in an attempt to dislodge the commando, but alas the attempt was in vain. The damned alien was dug in too well.

The firelane from the Sukeul to my Fireteam, with the dead Desperado midway up the field
The battlefield

So Rob is proxying Tohaa before sinking some money into a new army which is why they look like refugees from the EI

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Robert Shepherd