Kurage Crisis


Killing Grounds

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VS Combined Army

“Welcome back Lieutenant Ivankov. Back from your second command already?”
“Good. Run us through your report.”
“Yes sir. While on a scouting run, we made contact with a light Morat force at 2100 hours. Despite having detected us first, they established a defensive perimeter, allowing us to seize the initiative. Our Cameronian Irregular, Morgan, ran forward, narrowly avoiding their shots. Our Spetsnaz took out both heavy weapons units with his HMG, avoiding all shots fired back. One of our chasseurs, Feu, then snuck forwarded, and placed an AP mine right in front of the monkeys! Before they knew what hit them, boom! Blown to bits. He got himself some vengeance for De Hell. Our other chasseur, Pomme, set up a nice kill zone for the Hungries; as soon as their smoke dropped, they should have been obliterated.”

“They weren’t?”
“No sir. I’ve never seen anything move like that. They all managed to dance around two mines, and took out Morgan in the process! The Hungries and their controller charged Pomme and ripped him to shreds! They rushed forward, and took out Feu with a few shots from the back. I sincerely hope he’ll be able to walk again after this. We managed to take the last Hungry, leaving only a single Morat.”

“With that, we decided to move forward. The monkey tossed smoke, so our 112 tried to bring Morgan back up, but only managed to put him out of his misery. Someone needs more battlefield training! Anyway, I sent one of our volunteers, McDonald, forward, and he sprayed the smoke with his chain rifle. When the smoke cleared, we had an unconscious Morat on the field. We took her back for interrogation to see if we can get an idea of what their plans are.”

“Excellent work Lieutenant. This information will be quite helpful in our defense of Dawn. Rest up soldier. The meat grind resumes tomorrow.”
“Yes sir.”

Overview of the battlefield
Troop deployments
Werewolf successfully tosses smoke
AP mine deployed!
Deathtrap is armed and ready
Death trap is completely ineffective.
Chasseur couldn't last against four deadly foes.
Mines detonate!
Sneaky Oznat takes out the remaining chasseur.
The 112 puts the werewolf down.
You can run, but you can't hide!

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