Kurage Crisis


Massacre at Panoc-23

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VS Combined Army

Ariadna wins the initiative, and picked deployment, choosing to set up second.

Turn 1:
The Datzuri fireteam advanced under cover of smoke, getting close to the tech-coffin in the center of the table. The fireteam managed to avoid harm from a camouflaged mine on their approach. The total react bot also received supportware from the Morat hacker, preparing it for the Ariadna turn.

On the Ariadna turn, the Desperadoes are taken out by a Yaogat sniper. The Cateran sniper reveals himself, in an attempt to take out on the Mk12 Morat and control the left flank of the board. Unfortunately for him, his foe scores a critical hit with a “2”, taking the Cateran out of commission for the rest of the game. A foxtrot ranger manages to place a hit on the total reaction bot, knocking it out of commission for the time being. In the center of the battlefield, a 3rd Grey Rifle begins to rain grenades on the Dazuri Witch-Soldiers, eventually scoring a critical hit that proceeds to reduce the team to two models.

Turn 2:
Dr. Worm repairs the total react bot with a servant drone, establishing Morat dominance of the center. The Morats spend their turn moving units into position to protect against the Ariadna advance.

The Ariadna moves two volunteers into the main group, leaving the remaining Irmandinho to his own devices. During a coordinated move-and-shoot, the Kazak Spetsnaz barely comes within 32” of the Yaogat sniper, who proceeds to knock him unconscious. The 112 rushes over to his side, and proceeds to put him out of his misery. The Veteran Kazak goes into suppressive fire to cover the center.

Turn 3:
The total reaction bot moves and shoots, and finds itself just outside of suppressive fire range. It manages to put a wound onto the Veteran Kazak, and takes out a number of Ariadna units over the course of several orders. By the end of third round, only two Ariadna units stand.

The line kazak reveals herself as the lieutenant, and fires desperately at the witch-soldier controlling the tech-coffin. She misses, and is knocked out by the TR drone. The veteran kazak, hoping to sneak a victory, pops out and fires at the Datzuri, and manages to avoid the counterattack. With one order to go, he rushes forward, uses his light flamethrower…only to watch his opponent successfully dodge, and goes down in a barrage of bullets.

Overview of the battlefield. Traktor Muls are proxies for Desperadoes.
More overview
Morat deployment. Yaogat sniper is in leftmost building.
Dazturi fireteam by end of Morat turn 1.
The mine catches four monkeys! None are killed.
3rd Grey Rifle goes into hero mode, and successfully wounds 3 of the 5 witch-soldiers with a single grenade.
Dr. Kevorkian has lost another patient.
Last image of Veteran Kazak Veter before being shot to pieces.

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Combined Army

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  • FrKn Zenon Berg says:

    Looks like some of the buildings from the Victorian set from TabletopGamer in Canada. He’s done some new Sci-Fi stuff I quite like 😀

    Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write this up!

    – Father Knight Zenon Berg