Kurage Crisis


Avalanche Abound

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“Name, rank, and serial number.”
“Ivana Ivankov, Lieutenant, [REDACTED]”
“Walk us through your report.”

“Our scouts had detected enemy movement near the Redoubt, so I was tasked with leading a force to defend, with lethal force. Due to the short notice, I had to cobble together a force made up of different units. 45th rifles, a cateran, some veteran soldiers from the Tartary corps, chasseurs, hell, even a Hardcase! Still, these men worked well together, and were able to to set up some ambush positions. With the trap baited, we waited for them to come.”

“We quickly learned this was a JSA force, based on their cries about death before dishonor. Our cateran almost took the hat off their heavy weapons unit, and his rocket went wild. He should have been watching his flank; he might have avoided the rockslide that resulted from that errant bird. Dumb bastard. Not that they were much smarter; one of their Domaru took a nasty blow to the hit trying to find the Hardcase. Whoever they brought were pretty sharp; they detected our mine without triggering, and spotted our Scout and took him out before he could land a hit.”

“Our 45th rifles couldn’t wait anymore, and charged forward. One took a shot to the head immediately from a Ryuken. The other chucked smoke and advance. As I wrote in my report, he deserves a medal for what he did to their right flank. Taking out a Ryuken, and damaging some of those creepy Karakuris? If he hadn’t softened them up, I don’t know what we would have done. Our veteran kazak, a Nicolai Riviera, advanced, and began to pick off a Haris team from behind. He’s a much better shot than he his a paramedic, I’ll tell you that much.”

“After softening up their forces, the loud Domaru from before ran forward, and got blasted by the Traktor Mul on defense duty. Oh, the sounds of those missiles-
“Apologies, ma’am. Anyway, after the Domaru was blown all over the mountain side, their rocket team knocked the Mul out of comission. Their doctor sent a bot to heal up their down Ryuken, but Riviera, bless him, lit it up as it jumped across his path, and burned it to cinders. While this was going on, their paramedic revived one of the men we knocked out earlier, and they then took out the man we had put on suppressive fire. I’m told he’ll live.”

“Having taken some of the fight out of them, he snuck up behind the Haris, and lit the Domaru and remaining Karakuri on fire. As they turned to face him, one of the chasseurs caught them from behind. One of funniest things I’ve ever seen! They couldn’t get one without exposing themselves to the other. The Karakuri collapsed at the chasseurs feet, and the Domaru…I don’t know what they make that armor out of, but I hope they keep using it! He made quite the impressive pyre! Our other chasseur, seeking to replicate that feat, ran forward and unleash fury on the keisotsu. Of the four he hit, only one went down, and they shot him to pieces. There wasn’t much to bring back after that. Our Spetsnaz then made his appearance known, and took out the Ryuken in suppression that was protecting their main fireteam. Beautiful shot! After that, he slipped away into the shadows.”

“We could tell their morale was low at this point. From our collection, they had been reduced to the fireteam and their doc, so they fortified themselves for a final fight. They did put another few shots into the Traktor Mul they had disabled, and the blast took out the Loup-Garous ‘in cover’ next to. Friggin’ coward; he died as he lived: Hiding, without doing a damn thing.”

“We send a pair of Caledonian volunteers to flush out the fireteam, but they were cut down before they got close to the main team. They did take out one soldier though. Our Spetsnaz tried to down their doc, but she was able to escape. After that, they fled. I thought it best that they tell of what happened here, to know what will happen if they try to invade Dawn.”

“Is that all, Lieutenant?”
“Tell our Caledonian brethren to train their Caterans in the use of terrain.”
“No ma’am. Nothing else.”
“Very well, Lieutenant. You are dismissed. I recommend you get some sleep before getting back to work.”

Transcript of after action report

Cateran has been felled by an avalanche.
Spot where a Domaru once stood before a barrage of missiles came his way.
Burn baby burn! Domaru inferno!
Turns out this Fireteam was...(puts on shades)...fireproof. Yeeeeeaaaaah!

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