Kurage Crisis


Achilles go home!

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After the report of Marut, Achilles wanted to see for himself what are those weird wild dogs capable of! The game was bullet heavy, unfortunately I could not manage to score due to some robots nursing the consoles BUT round 1 the almighty antipodes killed for good the famous warrior of Aleph and afterwards after losing my scoring models my only choice was to revenge for their loss by destroying as many units as possible… Rounds 2 and 3 were again not that funny game and dice wise, but still we had fun with all those surprising roll factors. That proxy FO has earned 5 times his cost by killing my scouts in aro with a crit! Can not blame him, I am still waiting to find the opportunity to send him unconscious for good next game! Next games are with the same opponent too, so this vendetta will keep on the whole event! Hopefully results will change and favour me in the near future..!

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