Kurage Crisis


Forceful supply request

VS PanOceania

With the Armory in sight Markus and his other brawlers took up positions on a near by roof leveling the Heavy rocket launcher at the Fusilier team on patrol. Before the brawler could even fire his rocket the sniper already landed two hits to the mans chest dropping him. Within seconds the doctor hiding on the roof hit the downed brawler with a medi shot getting him back to his feet. However, the moment he stood up another sniper shot made a hole in the mans head putting him down for good.

Being pinned down by the enemy sniper Markus ordered the Hunzakut to advance and lay down some repeater coverage. The Hunzakut advanced laying down a mine on her way before dropping a repeater. The moment the repeater was down Valerya Gromoz saw the incoming comms from a fusilier. With a couple quick key strokes the fusilier was lit up like a runway for the Druze clipper that fired missiles at the unseen enemy making short work on the Lt.

The Druze fire team advanced up the left flank trading fire with the Pan-O remotes destroying one and disabling a second one. Everything was going so well that the hired bounty hunters didn’t even need to engage.

In the return fire some of the Druze team were shot dead by the remaining Pan-O bot, it’s ODD making the return shots near impossible with the added cover of the terrain. The Hunzakut was ambushed by camo trooper and they ended up killing each other as the mine she placed detonated.

Valerya loaded a faster aiming program into the Sierra remote and ordered it forward. The new upgrade worked perfectly as it killed the sniper, disabled the ODD remote and killed two more fusiliers (3 crits on three attacks). With the right side secure the bashi came in to support only to be killed by a mine.

The Pan-O soldiers did their best to push back finally disabling the sierra remote and killing another member of the Druze fire team.

With the battle field mostly under his control Markus grabbed the data pack and rushed into the armory with the bounty hunters and Valerya all taking up defensive positions as best they could.

The armory was secure and remaining Pan-O soldiers who tried to enter were cut down in a hale of fire and hacker attacks. One of the bounty hunters died but Markus didn’t at this point as he had gotten everything he needed.

Armory raid

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