Kurage Crisis


Engineering Deck of Death

VS PanOceania

My first Bakunin battle of the season was a sad defeat, but I’m proud to say I didn’t go down without a fight. I took a defensive stance from the very first turn and tried to defend it until the last moment with a solid five-member Moderator fireteam, but I wasn’t expecting such a strong response from the enemy sniper, who took down three of them. Once I realized I was no match for the knights’ strength, I decided to hack my way to the top but my dice had another plan and my Zeroes failed against the enemy hacker one time too many. No matter what my Daktari and Clockmaker did to try and keep the hope (and the remotes) alive, things ended in favor of the Pan-O locals, who guarded that damn engineering deck with their lives. Reminder for the next one: plans are one thing, DA Sniper shots are another.

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