Kurage Crisis


Johnny -5 Saloon fight

VS Nomads

How can I start this report… It’s going to be difficult explain how two allies started a brawl in the middle of the Kommstat station on Johnny-5. Let’s say it just started when they arrived, the most beautiful women in the Haqqislam, the odalisques. The landed in the same ship of the two las teams we deployed in order to defend our allies. The were radiant, beautiful beyond comprehension, when they walked they seemed to float their corporal proportions were perfect. The problem was that their feminine perfection, which was not found in the nomad nations. Between their moderators, riot grrls, chimeras and other intents of female beauty they cannot form one of our odalisques.

Well, the problem started when Señor Masacre, as the nomads refer to the masked oaf in red latex, started flirting with one of the odalisques. Of course they ignored him, rejecting every attempt of flirt with her. He even tried to invite the alcohol for all the group of odalisques, which they rejected as they were in duty. After almost an hour of trying to conquer this ladies, it happened. Señor Masacre in his madness touched one of the ladies in her rear parts, making all the haqqislamite forces starting to get up and cocking their weapons. Everyone knows that you most not touch and odalisques, well this mad man didn’t know.

After seeing this, his fellow nomads stood up as fast as they could and dragged him far from the woman. As they moved away they lady screamed “STOP! Stop right there!”. The poor men that where carrying the latex guy just gulped saliva after hearing her voice. Then she continued speaking while getting closer to the Señor “If you want to touch a Odalisque, you must have her permission. And if you touch her without her permission you must face the consequences, dear. See you in the training grounds.”

As she moved away she recalled some troopers in order to train the disorganized and disrespectful troops of the nomads. She gathered a good bunch of haqqislamite units and asked for the training vests and training ammo. Then a message was send to Masacre “See you in the training grounds handsome if you want some more of me”. The latex guy run in frenzy to the grounds and saw a fully equipped team of Haqqislam forces, but didn’t flinched. Then our lady approached him and told him “I’ll give you anything if you defeats us in this training maneuvers. Anything, honey”. Masacre didn’t think twice. He gathered some Jaguars, a HI, a medic and some people more in his enterprise.

The training started, and the cocky masacre got close to our odalisques. He even sent a love message to the commlog of the lady he touched. She responded saying “Come sweetie, I have a gift for you”. We only heard some loud howling in the field. After this is when the real pain started. First the pirates fell into them, nullifying their entrenched forces. One of them even managed to make Masacre faint. Unfortunately for us, the promise of being with an odalisque was too tempting to leave it.

After some shoot outs between our team and theirs, we razed their forces with ours superiors tactics and cool heads. Our bots, charged with non lethal ammo, hit so many of their forces that at some point of the battle the were impeding the movement in an aisle. Masacre ended trapped in adhesive, lunched by one of our engineers. After the “training” finished, the odalisque approached him and told him in a soft voice “don’t ever touch a odalisque again, honey”. Then she shouted “he is staying here tonight in the cold. He wants to think some things he have done wrong”. We moved away while Masacre tried to get out the adhesive. Maybe the next time he won’t touch the butt of a Hafza oficial while he is in holoproyector.

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