Kurage Crisis


Lecturing the AI

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As the first naval troops that were sent to break into the imperial bunker, a contingent of light line troopers were arriving to the encampment. The found them, specially Tarik, lacking of experience in battle and somewhat weak in their preparation, as the had only trained in the holographic chambers. Tarik thought that would be a good idea to prove them in a simulated battle against the machines of ALEPH before sending them to the real butchery.

As usual the naval units brought their assortment of remotes which served to impede the movement through the aisles and turnings of the different divides of the ships they fight. This time they were training in a somehow enclosed map against the heavy hitters of ALEPH, choice decided by Tarik himself in order to prove their actual skills under real pressure.

As the teams deployed we noticed that this particular group of light infantry placed themselves in such way that the whole map were covered by the fire of the remotes and two missile lunchers. This later proved to be a risky but effective strategy. The exercise started first when the ALEPH sniper knocked down their first remote, then the second and here when we thought that all was lost for this team of newbies. Then a rocket luncher of the AI aimed towards the LI and… missed! The Ghulam saved himself and in the process put a missile on the myrmidon. Seeing this scenario, the sniper took action and aimed towards the other missile luncher and also failed, getting unconscious in the process. From here all was milk and honey for the team as the ALEPH forces against they were training couldn’t move without getting a missile by one or the other Haqqislam LI. They managed to infiltrate effectively a disguised agent, which took out of combat our infiltrator. Later this same ALEPH infiltrator would be knock down by the full reaction bot we repaired during the exercise.

In the other side our AHD man managed to isolate their only HI. This action made that their troops entered in disorder and froze in fear due to the lack of command and certainty. In the middle field, our engineer managed to repair one of the HMG bot, then this remote was calibrated in order to make better shots and then send to eliminate the tangos that the missiles couldn’t see, positioning after this in the center ground.

After some attempts of making advances in the mission, their HI got hit and he fell back to coverage. In order to make them get out of their positions we deployed the trusty pirates, which fell into their backs and released hell on them. We heard the bullets and explosions from our positions which lasted a short time. After this we secured one of the packs and in the same time send our engineer to repair, again, the HMG bot. Although he took cover, their HI managed to hit him, not without receiving four missiles and getting down.

As we had the road free, our Kameel with the baggage was sent to take the central pack and then to recover the third one that was lost before. After the training, the team was evaluated and given approval from the command in the base, although some information was sent during the mission: the hostilities were ending and all the troops must return to their camps. Ironic.

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