Kurage Crisis


Antanna Attack

VS Nomads

Location: Novyy Cimmeria, Johnny 5
Druze Special Assault Team codename: Dolly Killers Mk2
As per Contract [REDACTED], we attacked the Nomad station. Defending the [REDATED] sector, was LUPE BALBOA herself! (Or a unnumbered clone of her)
We took the initiative and advanced on the ocupied area. We just forgot to keep tabs on the antennas, and lost 1st round 2 points. Hunz placed a mine, but it could be better placed. The Corregidor Bandit got close to the Antenna. We put a Repeater close to the bus stop, but it could be better placed close to the Corregidor Hacker.
Bashi landed, Hunter Duo advanced, Harris advanced. Saito stood still. Stempler got destroyed by Harris Druze.

Corregidor started bold and tried to kill the overlooking Brawler with HRL. It hits, but the Brawler ducked. Then the Intruder dueled with the Brawler MSV2. Intruder got shot. Hellcat landed. Bandit got close to the Red Antenna. Alguacil Hacker retreated close to the Yellow Antenna and the Reaktion Zond and gave him Marksman lv2. Reaktion Zond then fired on the Red Fury Bounty Hunter and killed him. Brigada fired on the Bashi Holoechos, hitting a fake one. Then again, hiting all. The real Bashi made the armor and ducked for cover. End of turn, Corregidor 2 Antennas, Druze 0.

Bashi retreated and entered Suppressive Fire Mode. Bounty Hunter with Shotgun stood still. Harris team fried the Hellcat adn then Killer Hacker got into the Blue Antenna. Brawler Doctor also got close to the Orange Antenna. Brawler HRL got up, firead at Lupe, hit her in blast mode, but killed the Regular Alguacil in her back. Lupe ducked. Hunz deployed another mine, this time, in front of the camo Bandit. Hunz re-camoed.
Tomcat Landed with Zond. Tomcat fired at Druze Hacker, and she took the hit and retreated. Bridaga tried to kill the Bashi (in Suppressive Fire), Bridaga wounded.

Saito advanced and touched to Green Antenna. Unforntunately, Alguacil fireteam saw him and dicovered, so not in TO state. Druze Harris KIA the Tomcat. Druze Hacker touched the Blue Antenna again. Druze Lt (in the Harris Team) Advanced with the Lt order and fired at the Alguacil Hacker, killing him, but in the process got shot and KIA but the Reaktion Zond. Bashi tried to KIA the Brigada (Lt). Hunz finished the job. Hunz touched the Red Antenna (not in camo). Hunz tried to shoot LUPE and died in the process.

Loss of Liutenant. One Command Token. LUPE shot and missed SAITO. Lupe took Hunz’s Mine in face and saved armor. LUPE took second mine in the face and saved armor. Bandit tried Classified Objective and failed check. Combi Alguacil tried to shoot SAITO and missed. HMG Algacil shot SAITO dead.

Druze Pts 2 (2 for Antennas turn 3, 0 Classified Objetive) (remaining 180)
Corregidor Pts 4 (2 for Antennas turn 1, 2 for Antennas turn 2, 0 Classified Objetive) (remaining 130)

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