Kurage Crisis


Reckless movements pay hard

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VS Yu Jing

This was a tough battle, I've pressured Hard my opponent from the start. I killed the that deadly Hsien on my first order but luck didn't favour after that. On my next order an Oniwaban resulted dead at the hands of a Wuming Crit on a Melee vs Melee roll,

On the ISS turn my opponent steadily advanced taking my domaru specialist out. Then my Tanko Missile launcher ended up dead on a favorable face to face and the defensive linkteam broke.

On my turn the tankos become extremely crazy but they were unhable of hit the Crane with Blitzens or flanmenspeers.

when I was able to finally try to score some point on an atempt of recovering a domaru with an experimental drug, he ends up dead. The domaru spitfire was also unhable of damaging the ISS heavy infantry end ended up out of fuel pretty close of the crane.

An on the second turn of my oponent the pheasant haris pretty much killed everything of my list. The kempei, the 2 tankos, the doctor and thedomaru spitfire...

My last turn was suicidal, trying to take down the crane and I've ended up loosing the ryuken that was holding the central antena

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Yu Jing