Kurage Crisis


Operation White Rose: JSA's Aggression


Commander's Log

Stardate 0723 46NY
It's been over a year since Wotan since I've seen this commander. During the conflict he was the commander that always gave me the most trouble but also, in weird way, we respected each other. We really didn't want to finish each other off because with out the other the battles didn't feel the same. It's good to see you again Daijino, however victory will elude you once again.

Turn 1

After posting up in a building, the Fusilier fireteam made sure the Domaru/Tanko fireteam would eat 2 missiles before getting anywhere. In order to minimize the threat of the Tanko Missile the Bulleteer was ordered to make use of his poor vision and take him out. After a single exchange the Bulleteer put one in his head and two in the chest, down goes the Tanko.

After the Tanko threat was neutralized, the hidden Hexa Killer hacker moved up to the right console. He was successfully able power down the shield around Yu Jing's stolen cache and then disappear into thin air.

The fusilier lieutenant, fearing reprisal from the total reaction bot near the hexa, ordered the bulleteer to engage the TR bot and take it out. *Bang* *Bang* *Bang* The TR bot gets hit in the power supply and goes down.

Turn 2

Yuriko was able to repair the power supply to the TR bot however it didn't do anything with the Bulleteer looking right at him. Then from the top of a building a shadowy figure appeared and fired a rocket at the fusilier missile launcher in the fireteam. In response she took aim and blew the Ryuken away.

Seeking revenge for the fallen Ryuken a shimmer appeared before the Locus and as it moved up the Aquila Guard spotted it to reveal the killer hacker ninja. She moved closer to get in range with her killer hacking device and caught a missile from the link team and an HMG shot from the Aquila after blowing up the Locust's brain.

Turn 3

The Auxilia Joanna deserves a commendation for what he did to the JSA. She marched up the field and threw her aux bot around a corner and flamed the entire domaru link team. She braved the hell of the demons of Yu Jing and came out alive and taking a couple down...although she'll need a new auxbot however.

Final result: 8-0 Win

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