Kurage Crisis


Tariq and Cassie walk into a church...

VS Haqqislam

A local player and friend joined me at the store for a Haqq - Nomads clash at J-5 Kommstat, and we both happened to bring our respective dataleak suspects. Tariq performed like an absolute warrior! The same could probably not be said for the Mother Superior… This one had the most epic ending I’ve ever seen to a game, and is actually probably a rather good argument for the changes in ITS 9 - Data Trackers, Designated Targets and the general swing towards direct action - in that there was a lot of varied stuff going on and it didn’t feel Rambo-ey despite the fact that most orders were spent on engaging other models.

Haqqislam wins Lieutenant Roll, picks ‘Initiative - 2nd’. I chose side based on the existence of multiple dominant sniper sightlines to give Moira options, but ultimately I think I probably picked the wrong side.

Bakunin Turn 1:
Moira MSR opens up on the Djanzaban HMG deployed opposite her. He puts up a hell of a fight, and two failed attempts and passed armour rolls later, she finally scores a hit and blows him away. With him out of the way, Bran Do bellycrawls the length of the H-building rooftop to BSG the enemy DT into oblivion. With the final Group 1 order, Bran pulls back onto the ladder on my side of the building.

+1 OP to Bakunin: Kill Designated Target
+2 OP to Bakunin: Kill Designated Target with Data Tracker

Haqqislam Turn 1:
Tariq Super-Jumps up the side of the building to engage Moira, killing her instantly. With barely a flex of his perfect leg muscles he re-enters flight mode and wipes Bran off the ladder, too. Zuleyka screams up the midtable firelane under a barrage of smoke cover, rattling off an Intuitive Chain Rifle shot at a marker which responds by dodging away out of LoF. Undeterred, she leans into a hard turn, swings around the cover and decapitates the Zero with a slick CC strike as he drops a mine.

+2 OP to Haqqislam: Control more Antennas than the opponent

Bakunin Turn 2:
Another nearby marker decloaks into a hail of Spitfire rounds with a Prowler behind them, gunning down Zuleyka as she swerves to dodge the detonating mine. Failing, she evaporates into a soggy puff of viscera. The marker on the church roof eliminates a Ghazi in the street below, and with a co-ordinated order Kusanagi, the Mk12 Sin Eater, the church-rooftop Zero and the Prowler all enter suppressive.

Haqqislam Turn 2:
An opposing marker at the foot of the church decloaks into an Al Hawwa Hacker, spraying up at the Zero above. With crisp efficiency the elevated trooper ventilates his attacker, before a Djanzaban with a Shock Marksman’s Rifle suffers a similar fate upon testing the Prowler. Promptly, Tariq mounts his pogo stick of doom once more and crits both infiltrators into deadness, one order each. There’s a fair amount of maneuvering on Haqq’s left flank too, as the Data Tracker Asawira sets up to overrun my Designated Target’s position. Tariq misjudges his position by barely half-an-inch and fails to control his Antenna.

+1 OP to Bakunin: Control as many Antennas as the opponent
+1 OP to Haqqislam: Control as many Antennas as the opponent

Bakunin Turn 3:
Kusanagi burns a few orders mucking about with her rifle (she was supposedly BS Attacking a Ghazi, but I’m not sure that’s true considering the lack of results) before remembering our win condition and rushing towards the left Antenna. She ignores an ARO from a Total Reaction chickenbot across the table, (correctly) judging him to be over 32” away as she throws herself onto her stomach nearby the antenna, lacking a spare order to enter Suppressive as the final Bakunin marker pushes forward to threaten the central Antenna.

Haqqislam Turn 3:
The Asawira finalises his plans and makes a run on my Data Tracker. We briefly discuss options such as Assault (neither of us were very familiar with the rule), Climbing to a vantage point in order to Nanopulse her and her Sin-Eater bodyguard, and various other angles before my opponent realises that there is no way around it nor any reason to avoid it, and simply sidles up to shotgun her before the Sin Eater’s Mk12 cuts him to ribbons. The additional 3 points bring the scores to 6-4 to Haqq, and Tariq abandons his Antenna to bound a full 10’ Super Jump arc over his building, landing on Bran for an Extreme Prejudice objective with the final order of the game.

+1 OP to Haqqislam: Kill Designated Target
+2 OP to Haqqislam: Kill Designated Target with Data Tracker
+1 OP to Haqqislam: Complete Classified Objective (Extreme Prejudice)
+2 OP to Bakunin: Control more Antennas than the opponent

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