Kurage Crisis


Pan - O Failure to communicate

VS PanOceania
Malicious Pano

It's taken these last two weeks to be able to coordinate with my good friend and get a couple of games in. We are both entry level players and I am sure we made many mistakes, but in the end we had a good time and that's all that counts.

Pan - O center setup
Pan - O left flank setup

Pan - O won the initiative and chose to go second, and I as Nomads had him deploy first. I still need some Zeros to be able to cover my mid field better but in this game it didn't matter any ways. Going first I made sure I grabbed at least one (and only one it was) and spent the rest of my points positioning my forces better to cover the avenues of approach to the other ones. When Pan - O's first turn came up he as well grabbed one and the turn ended with a VP a piece.

My Riot Grrl specialist grabs the first Antenna

What was weird in the 2nd turn is that while we were busy doing the dance to try and grab up the antennas, we couldn't hit each other for beans, or we saved our butts off. I drew first blood though and knocked down one of his Forward Observer fusilier, and I even wounded his Father Knight but for the life of me my Intruder could not take him down nor him me.

The end of turn two had us both scoring only one more point each. So the score was now 2 to 2.

His Father Knight pushed me off this antenna and for the life of me I could not put him down.

Turn 3 I did some shifting around, taking down his Paramedic Fusilier. I was able to get my Riot Grrl up to the center antenna and support her with my Alguacil Paramedic, along with a few other troops I can't remember at moment. I back filled where the Riot Grrl was with my Alguacil Forward Observer and took over control of the antenna she left.

During Pan - O's last move he successfully landed near my Forward Observer and fortunately I had him positioned right so I could get off an ARO. I hit, he failed. It was glorious.... at least for newbie play. He also tried pushing up the center but I was successful in isolating his hacker... I can't remember what he did with his Spec Sergeant with the heavy rocket launcher and his faithful auxbot.

Riot Grrl and Paramedic have secured the center antenna and with some other troops able to hold against the counter attack.

So it ended turn 3 with same number of towers for 3 VP's each the only difference being me controlling the center tower for an extra point so 4 to 3 Nomad victory. Neither of us succeeded in our HVT quest.

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