Kurage Crisis


Tohaa Diplomacy Crisis

VS Tohaa

From: Hexahedron Analyst Zinho
To: Panoc 23 – Multibase HAS Area Command
Subject: Diplomacy Black Ops

To the High Command.

After several negotiations with the base's internal security coordination, I obtained authorization to watch over the Tohaa Delegates sent by this alien race to talk to our diplomats. After listening to some conversations and starting studies of communication by Tohaa pheromones I was able to decipher some of their intentions, but I can not say with certainty if they are benign.

Anyway, one of our most renowned diplomats, Pedro Ogawa, is a radical ex-military man who stands absolutely against interaction with alien races, and has decided on his own to talk to a Tohaa envoy and sabotage the relationships that have taken so long to consolidate.

My mission was to insert an Acontecimento team to prevent this attempted coup and prevent Ogawa from coming close to the meeting. Tohaa's security interpreted our move as an aggressive move and sent an elite team to eliminate our soldiers and extract their Delegate as quickly as possible from the area, as well as attempting to assassinate Agent Martins from the Hexahedron who was our intel on the field.

Our troops positioned themselves to the right of the Operations Zone, ready to take Ogawa out of scene.
An Acontecimento team with Sniper and Sensor specialist protected Lieutenant Marta as they occupied the roof of a building. A little further on, a Bagh-Mari Haris with HMG protected half of the ground-level combat zone.
Our left flank was covered by several Remotes, being a Sierra with HMG protecting what the Bagh-Mari did not cover, a medical palbot near a Regular with spitfire and a Peacemaker with shotgun. The Sierra and the Peacemaker were eliminated early in the game by Tohaa snipers on the other side of the combat zone.
The command of our Fireteam, with a minelayer that mined the area, Tentente Marta and a brave soldier with the last word in killer technology: the Combi Rifle. Regular Sniper defended himself from the shots coming from the other side of the Combat Zone, including panzerfausts from Lt. Neema Saatar.
The Bagh-Mari with HMG tried to respond to the shots of the Tohaa triad positioned to the right, but failed to effect anything other than injuring a Makaul supercifially. The operator with Boarding Shotgun quickly got rid of a Gao-Tarsos who jumped behind our lines. The third member of Haris was wounded and bled on the ground until he was served by our competent Trauma Docs after the battle.
Our sniper continued searching for targets. Neema Satar was in his sights when a small hell-shaped pocket monster appeared in front of the shot and saved it. At the same time, on his right flank, a triad on higher ground attempted to assassinate him with long-range rifles, but he bravely held his position.
A triad led by an Ectros with HMG hid behind a large rock, while another triad was positioned above the building, firing at the Bagh-Mari and the Regular Sniper. A Naga camouflaged with a monofilament mine ran to the middle of the two groups and managed to plant a trap, threatening both groups. Unfortunately she was killed during her mission.
The Tohaa on the roof managed to hurt the Regular Sniper. Their movement instantly activated the monofilament mine, which made them into pieces. Only Makaul survived on top of the roof. (the circular template was just lying there, It mas nothing in-game)
The Ectros-led triad left the safe position behind the rock to try to eliminate the rest of the Regulares team and a Trauma-Doc hidden behind a wall. On the way, he managed to overthrow the Bagh-Mari who protected that passage.

In a daring order, Ectros shot a regular paramedic who came down from the roof after trying to save his fellow Sniper. Trauma-Doc had to hide during this breakthrough. On the left flank of the zone of operations, Neema Saatar took advantage of ASA's lack of long range threats to run and eliminate a Regular with spitfire, but ran into a Commando Akal who responded with his determination and bravery. The Ltn. Neema used her last forces to kill our HVT.

The result was that Lieutenant Neema Saatar was eliminated by some well-given shots from a well positioned Akal. Ectros tried to get close to our Lieutenant Marta, but had to go to the advancement when his team was eliminated by a Naga hidden on the second floor of a building.

Unfortunately we could not eliminate Ogawa, but we made such heavy casualties in the Tohaa that they were forced to rethink their plans to use force again in PanO territory.

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