Kurage Crisis


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Tabletop Gaming Store in Cologne – Germany with a rich assortment of miniature games. It is combined with a club-like gaming area with 15 game tables and opnened up to 9.30 pm during the week and 10.30 pm at the weekend as well as Sundays!

There is an Infinity Gametable every 2nd Monday supported by three well known Warcors for rules questions, playtesting and the occasional bragging about victories or mourning of defeats 😉

Sternengasse 1B

Telephone: +49 (0) 221 / 47 67 44 70

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Top Commanders Lupus Libertinus 3 pts
Battle Hardened Lupus Libertinus 1 rep
Most Commended Lupus Libertinus 6 comms
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"Margo's First Encounter" Johnny-5 Node Base - J-5 Kaserne
Lupus Libertinus
VS Ariadna